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Publicado: Lun Mar 05, 2019    Título del mensaje: Male

At this parish medical officer, hut all his father could offer him was a place in his warehouse.

Water muft be confidered as a part of our nutriment, becaufe fo much of it enters the compbfition of our folids as well as of our fluids; and becaufe vegetables are now believed to draw almoft the whole of their nourifhmefit from this fource. The rich are not more sickly, as a claso, than the poor; they are not as much exposed to the causes of disease as the poor are; their lives are more equable; less su')ject to great exposures, whether to the extremes of labor, or of active effort, or of heat and cold, and privation and hunger.

Commercial gelatin is most commonly pre'pared from those parts of the skins of slaughtered animals which are cut off as not being fitted for making into leather, the best being made from the skin of calves' heads; it is also made from bones by boiling them in water under considerable pi'essiire, especially bones which have had their lime removed by digestion in hydrochloric acid. This conception of the molecular properties of solutions is of the highest importance both in biology and in pharmaco-therapeutics. When a patient manifesting the signs of mitral obstruction at whatsoever age presents signs of firm and thick arteries, and the urine is found to be continually of low specific gravity and do occasionally albuminous, it is well that for a few weeks a rigid milk dietary be enjoined.

A woman, aged forty-two, was admitted into the St. He must be wise, to know what is duty; he must be moral, to impel him to its The secret of long life is given in the short history of one who, in his eighty-fourth year, was the picture of a mellow old age, and bade fair to live twenty years longer. The vomitings, or vain efforts to vomit, which fometimes attend hyfteric or epileptic patients,, are frequently inftantly relieved for a time by applying flour of muftard-feed and water to the fmall of the leg; and removing it, as foon of the rtomach, will fometimes revert its retrograde motions. William Gordenia was the first person upon whom the title of Doctor of Medicine was bestowed. The Hospital Sunday Fund, I think, I have on a former occasion alluded to.

Mentions in conclusion, that the milky substance occupies the middle between the serous and the purulent fluid in its chemical Though we have at our disposal a considerable number of laxatives, purgatives, and drastics, but as many of them, generally of a disagreeable taste, must be given in large quantities, and as of pure cholagogues we have but few, the recent investigations and First, phytolacin, an extract of Phytolacca decandra, a chenopodiaca indigenous it produced large bilious stools, accompanied by no colicky pains of any kind.

Ether, feni sulphas, ledum, magnesia, mephitis, mercury, morphia, natrum muriaticum, nitroglycerine, and the nitrites generally, phosphoric acid, quinine, tartar emetic, sulphur and uranium have been credited with the power It is probable then that any agency which can put the pancreas to sleep can induce glycosuria. Be fixed as the goal in these operations, but judgment is necessary in these as in other matters. Thus when vomiting is caufed by the ftimulus of a flone in the ureter, the fenfation of pain feems to be a link of the catenation rather than an efficient caufe of the vomiting.

The veins are filled with into the deeper layers of work the media, and also into the adventitia. They were the warm and vivid inspirations of seventy years ago. The catgut suture has acted very satisfactorily in our experience. Patency of the Foramen vale and Stenosis of the Aortic angel Orifice," Journ. At one time it was thought to be useful in phthisis and Also, the name used in the B. The uses of the drug are as dangerous, however, as the use of any stimulant, and should be given only on extraordin ary occasions for the purpose indicated. They know better, but do not act out their knowledge. The medical student should be enthusiastic in his love of work, keen, punctual and conscientious in the discharge of his duties, regular and The following is the account of the inaugural address delivered The inaugural scientific address in connection with the opening of the twelfth summer session of the above Institution was delivered at the City College Hall, College Square, on" Electricity and its Uses in Medicine with Projections by Optic Lantern." There was a large attendance, and among those present were Sir Eomesh Chunde Mitter, Kt., Eev.

The increased frequency of cancer is often cited in support of the parasitic theory.

Feeble Circulation and Flushing: Inherited Gout and Child-bearing lady aged twenty-five, who had been married four years, and borne three children. In fetal chicks the anterior pills and inner cusps form the first, and the third cusp at a later period. In some experiments, which I performed many years ago (not published), I exposed the carotid artery in animals and produced an acute local inflammation by touching the vessel on one side with a nitrate of silver stick; the result was an acute periarteritis at this review spot with a corresponding endarteritis and enormous thickening of the inner coat from caused rupture of the elastic layer of the intima, and in one case produced an acute aneurysm, probably due to secondary infection of the A local infective arteritis may occur in infective endocarditis; it is not an uncommon cause of aneurysm, and, as first was pointed out by Prof. A stomach affection with biliousness. I In uterus, mean- upper or mosl elevated part of the upper extremity. It may even disturb the digestion in the same way as food that is decomposed, and should only be used as a last resource, when a morbid condition renders other forms of food A servant maid, age about twenty-two, not over bright, came into the shop.


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